Pluto Universal

Our M.O.

5000% is a movement for artists, by artists.

As multi-faceted beings we aim to explore all our talents and learn more every day. We love sharing what we learn, and as we build on each others enthusiasm, knowledge and talents we find we can create amazing things and the best vibes.

Collaboration is what gives our projects energy.

That's also why we decided to create a TV  with multiple channels to support artists, get you dancing, share information, entertain and empower all life.

We dream big, because well, great changes need to happen on so many levels on earth and within people.

We're here to spread love, knowledge and awareness, and empower as many people as possible.

Why 5000% ?


When enough people come together and give their 100% presence in the moment, the creative vortex in which we reside together becomes greater and in turn elevates each one of us. We can reach much higher than a mere 100%, because we bundle our efforts.

Whether we work closely together or at a distance, we can support each other and reach higher grounds.

The name was also chosen because we like to think outside of the box and beyond the ceiling. 

The Main Aliens

Way back in the day 5000% was created by FreshMan5000. It started out as a home studio and ‘studio group’; not exactly a music label, because he wanted everyone to be able to stay independent while working together. 

In 2018 RaeRae5000 joined the show, as a total newbie to music and video production, and quickly fell in love with the creative production life and coincidentally, with FreshMan5000 too, and they have been in the control room ever since.

Although many other artists and partners -like Faya5000, Ahmed, MadMax5000, Dilla5000, E.T. Films and Rasnan to name a few- have played big roles and created many great works, the ship’s captains have remained constant throughout the space-time.