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FreshMan5000 was born the first of December in 1990 as Roberto Carlos Henderson. His Journey started in Paramaribo (Suriname). In 2001 his parents brought him and his little brother to The Netherlands to have a better life. They had some family already living there who helped a lot when needed. From a very young age Roberto loved to sing along with his favorite songs. His mother noticed the love for music and signed him up for the choir at the church they were attending. In 2005 his nephew showed him how to create beats with FL Studio. Eager to learn he spent months trying and asking for directions. The more he learned, the more his love grew stronger until 2007 Roberto was comfortable making his own instrumentals. After his mother moved back to Suriname, Roberto had his music to keep him alive. This made his passion for creating music even stronger. In 2009 he met Ayub Ahmed. Soon enough they became friends and decided to join forces. He always felt betrayed when waiting for someone else to mix his music. Either the sound was not to his liking or the price was ridiculous. That gave him the energy to find his own way in music production. With help from YouTube and his producer friends he developed his sound. He likes to experiment with genres and styles such as Afro beats, Pop, Funk, House, Trap & a lot more.


Photographer, Videographer, Singer, Songwriter, Video Editor, Vocal Coach, Vocalist, Rapper, Animator, BeatMaker, Artist Manager, Graphic Designer, Chef, Dancer, Music Producer


Disco, Soul, Afrobeat, Amapiano, Rock, Pop, Funk, Dancehall, Ska
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