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Mareeq is a 32 year old artist living in Eindhoven, born and raised.

Mareeq was introduced to music and dancing by her parents at a young age. Later she taught herself to play the piano without knowing how to read music. As a teenager she found inspiration from Shakira singing and dancing to her music, but always out of sight. But she also was into the harder dance styles, which lead to the start of her dj career. As dj She Loba she focused on millenium and industrial hardcore. Playing a few gigs helped her get over her shyness.

Mareeq is living an active lifestyle working with horses, riding and taking care of them, training at the gym as much as she can and practicing Brazilian jiujitsu. She's also always being creative, creating stuff with her hands, drawing, sculpting and making digital art. Always trying her best to learn new things.

The 2024 goal is to go from singing in the shower to singing on stage.


Graphic Designer, Dj, Singer, Vocalist, Photographer, Videographer, Music Producer, Video Editor


Hardcore, Millenium, Industrial, Uptempo, Pop, Funk, R&B
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