New energy in the Studio

Willo Godson has been coming to 5000studios for the past few months. He had been wanting to make more music for a while and through a friend he got to know FreshMan5000, the producer behind Willo’s recent tracks and the featuring artist on some of them as well.

The two of them kicked it off with the single “Dangerous” and a vibe was set.

Willo came to work and create and he finally got the chance, and with his energy he’s not going to stop any time soon. This man is literally oozing flows and verses. But not just that… Willo is a creative powerhouse rooted in a culturally rich life journey and a sharp mind to experience it with.

Another thing I recently came to realize and appreciate is his authenticity when it comes to his art. It’s not about making it sound perfect, it’s about conveying his intentions and his emotions as best as he can, as authentically as possible, putting all his energy in it.

And the blessing of being an independent artist while being true to oneself is that you have the freedom and courage to do that.

And what everybody gets in return for that freedom is a song that will make you feel deeply and/or make you dance tirelessly.

It’s been amazing to see how two passionate people can find each other, connect immediately and create such high energy in the room, almost effortlessly.

All the projects are unique but all of them are queued up during spontaneous studio parties that happen almost daily. We love to sing and dance and enjoy music, we will not take our privilege, efforts and speakers for granted by only doing so sometimes....

What I’m saying is; there is alchemy happening in that room when the two of them create, and those vibes are felt in the music.

Everybody better get ready for when live performances are allowed again because that will be a party you won’t forget.

For now we will be creating, creating, rehearsing and creating.

Stay tuned.

Don’t sleep on Willo Godson.


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