Music Campaign (5000%)

Music Campaign (5000%)

€ 130,00Price

Are you busy with a billion things? 5000% Music Campaign does all from beginning to end. It is meant for Artists who don't have a promotion stragety in place.  With this product you get 3 meetings with one of our Campaign Manager to make sure your campaign gets the most exposure.

  • Agenda Item

    Get our community updated about your upcoming release to create a awesome grand opening experience.

  • 5000Tv ad

    Send us your Preview to air on 5000Tv and inform our viewers about your upcoming release(s)

  • a Feed post

    We Broadcast our news on our Feed, This  area is available for everyone. Members on our platform can follow categories and posts. 

  • Create a Release Plan

    You get a meeting (online or offline) with one of our Campaign Managers to set up your release plan. After making sure you agree to the terms set by the CM We can get to work.

  • Social Media post

    We advertise on our social media about your upcoming release(s)

  • Custom Artwork

    Our Graphic designers whip up new content or edit your existing pictures to empower your Release Plan.

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