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Terms and conditions

As a Host you are a Role model that will impact your participants. We take this matter very serious at 5000%. Hence we have some Terms to agree to if you are joining as a Teacher aka Host. We also point out the benefits so please read everything before signing up.

As a Host,

  • Your participants pay for your guidance and expect the host to perform some sort of tutorial or share hands on experience through zoom.

  • Depending on what service offered, You will create an understandable course for beginners as well as advanced material if needed.

  • You may set a maximum of 40 participants per session (depending on what material is being handled).

  • You automatically agree to the terms of since this is where the classes will (mostly) take place.

  • You are responsible for the order in the session, which might result into blocking members if needed.

  • You are responsible for reporting blocked participants if they occur

  • You allow other host(s) that are active through 5000sessions to attend free lessons.

5000% (dept. 5000sessions),

  • Is not responsible for any participants joining your session(s).

  • Pays the host every 

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