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Artist Forms
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"The way you perform your art categorized in groups on our website for optimal Artist Content Display"

As an Artist you can display a broad variety of content on your profile.

An Artist Form (as we like to call it) refers to a page/section on your Artist Profile which contains your content depending on the requirements and portfolio at the time. 


Till now you can activate..

Coming soon!!!

  • a Video Editor Page

  • a Director Page

  • an Instrumentalist Page

  • an illustrator Page

  • a Playlist Curator Page

  • a Camera Operator Page

We are brainstorming on more "Artist Forms".

As they enroll out of the BETA  phase they become free to apply. For a Form to appear on your profile

BETA (Artist Form
Beta version
(Artist Forms)

Creating an Artist Profile on 5000infinity is free and  accessible to the public.

With this profile you can activate multiple "Artist Forms" to display on your Profile. When this "BETA" icon  appears next to one of the Artist Forms button this means  the form is in BETA version and might result in additional set up costs  or commission fees. Know that our team is Full Time at work on pushing the Artist Forms out of the BETA phase so you can enjoy the awesome features that come with them for free!!


Artist Forms currently in the BETA version

More information about the BETA version (Artist Forms) will  be added here.

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